MP3 port stopped working

I was in the middle of cutting when the left chain wrapped up in the left motors sprocket. After that the motor stopped working. I tested the motors and neither motor seems to work when I plugged them into the MP3 port. Please note that both motors seem to be working fine in the MP1 port. Both sets of wires work as well.

Any help would be appropriated.

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When the motor draws too much current, the chip that drives it can suffer thermal damage. It sound like this happened when the chain wrapped up in the motor sprocket.
The chips are very hard to replace by hand, it’s probably best to replace the board. Just now, the boards are marked ‘sold out’ as the inventory is counted after shipping the most recent group of kits. Keep a close watch on the board page for them to become available, and jump on one before they sell out again.

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That is sad to hear since it’s only been working for two weeks now. Anyway to prevent this from happening again. Additional guides? A stronger stretchy cord? The chain does seem to have a slight twist in it.
Thank you for your assistance.

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Send us an email to and we’ll find you one, I’m sure we have a spare. A stronger bungee cord will help a lot and we’ve got those too. If you mention it in the email I’ll send you one.


Welcome! don’t be discouraged, fine tuning her is part of the fun!

an amp ring that cuts the dc power to the motor board when a certain current is reached. Its on my to do list because I had a chain wrap up like that on me one time. I had installed an E-stop so I was able to cut power quickly, but now that gear box makes a gravely noise once in a while so it wasn’t quick enough. You may be able to use MP1 and MP2 and manually adjust z-axis, if you’re not already. Just to get you by until they get you another board.

There are many variations of chain guides and setups in the forum you can check out. But first, make sure all your chains are parallel to the work surface (from a side view) and get rid of any twist in the chain. You want the chain to interact with the drive sprocket as straight and smooth as possible. this will help with the chain skipping, jumping, and/or wrapping into itself.

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@eguido what firmware version was this on?

Thank you. The Firmware version was 1.15

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I lost track on the new test boards that I thought were created to help with the over heating issue. Any progress on that area?