MWAHAHAHA It's alive! (almost)

Got my kit yesterday. Had to work today. Finally got a chance to hook up the electronical parts (yes, electronical - trainer at DTV call center kept saying that and now it’s stuck in my brain). Had some issues with the test motors. Left and right failed but z worked great. Started with 1.18 version, downloaded 1.2. Switched to newer computer thinking there was port problem (win7 then win10). Confirmed arduino was working with the blink program. Threw a short temper tantrum (nothing was thrown) Disconnected everything, discovered cause was operator error, hollered at myself for a good minute or so (if I didn’t know myself so well I would have been deeply offended by some of the things I called myself). Proceeded to plug the left and right motors into the shield instead of each other and everything worked correctly on both computers.
But now I have extra shifts at work so no real progress will be made until the weekend.


Ahh, the adventure begins! What kind of frame will you build?

Keep in touch and ask question as you go.

Best of luck!


Welcome… To THE MACHINE! :new_moon_with_face::wrench::computer:


It’s a hybrid standard/bolt together frame with a 2x6 top beam offset an extra inch and a half to allow for 2x? material also (with some manual labor to switch back and forth. Unfortunately due to height restrictions I had to keep a regular size frame. The frame is mostly complete, I just need to mount the motors before I put the beam on the frame (motors will end up with about 3 inches of clearance from ceiling).
Can’t wait for the weekend to get it completed.


I know the feeling, also a low ceiling. As a plus: we could maybe attach the pulley system to the ceiling :smile:

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