My first cut on the 80/60

I put together a little movie.

Thank you


Is your frame outside?

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I sure is. I cover it at night. It’s been an awesome few days of sunshine.

Thank you


Woah!!! I absolutely love how you filmed from the back! I can’t do that on my frame…so cool!


Did you make any modifications yet?

I added braces to each corner to help flatten out the plywood.

I also added another leg, because it was way too floppy on that side without it.

I still plan on adding an addition topbar because the chain distance to work area on my sled is 2 1/2 inches but the distance on the sprocket is 1/2 inch

Here is what has been done since the final version of the 80/60 manual.

I made 3 part top beam:

I mounted the motors. I removed the Mini Foot so I could use a bottom mount cord system. I added a mini leg to the opposite side. You can just see it in the picture below on the left or the picture.


I made a quick 18 x18 sled out of the 30 x 30 left over piece of 3/4 plywood:


Thread on the sled alone here:

I mounted the L shaded left over for my electronics:

I added some tabs, using 2 x4 scraps, as I had no Corner I added one to the side. This is the power of the Outside frame design. You can pin stuff to it on the fly. A scrap and 2 screws and I was able to use the temporary sled to have a place for the #1 calibration cut. I just patched it in there as the router was heading to the empty corner.


I went with a bottom cord for two reasons , it’s still being worked out & 2 so many people are being successful with the bottom mounted cords. I will point out I have not used any idlers. I put a cap bolt in the front of my motor and wrapped the chain around it and zip tied it. It goes down to the sprocket and directly up to the motors and it is working great.
Also I chose to invert my motors to pointing outwards, there was some controversy as to loosing motor distance. Then Bar shortened the top beam by an inch. My motors are in line with that alteration just by having flipped them over. You can see in the video it’s all working together well.

Thank you


The music was a nice touch!

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