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My take on a Sled with No Bricks and Using a Spindle (Lots of Pictures)


if you balance the sled on the chains, it shouldn’t matter where the CG is as
you are considering the frame angle.

Frame angle is a trade-off between reducing friction and reduced force pushing
the bit into the material.

David Lang


MDF dust is much finer and contains both formaldehyde and phenolic resins. formaldehyde Is ‘suspected’ of being a carcinogen, which in EU speak means a couple of blokes got cancer and they both worked with mdf.

The biggest problem is respiratory. Dust is bad.

Even though my workshop is open-Air, I still have a cyclone system and vacuum pipes for most machines.


I agree about the height - it doesn’t need to be much. The longest travel I need is about 25mm.

I’ve got a bunch of openbuilds v-track, wheels and a 250mm threaded rod/anti-backlash pair I’ve been looking to use. I think I’ve just found the use.

It will be next year, though - too much on right now.


The dust is an irritant, and it likes to get stuck and hang around.


I admit I have not read this entire thread I just skimmed it, it is way long. Is it possible for someone in the know can make cliff notes of the important points a post it to a new thread? I will eventually read the entire thing but I think I could devote an entire day to it. With only a touch pad to scroll it took a long while to find the bottom.


It’s 25 (26 now) posts long

I too use a pad, it really didn’t take more than a couple of minutes.


It covers a couple different subjects. Which one are you after?


I can’t answer that until I read everything :frowning:


I see

  • Alternative z-axis
  • Brushless Spindle instead of router
  • Pantograph mechanism
  • Ridgid 2200 z-axis problem and possible solution
  • Hazardous dust
  • Dust collection
  • Various materials to reduce sled friction

Lots of info, many opinions. Hard to distill without losing a lot, though. :smile:


How do you avoid the need for bricks? I must be missing something here.


The main sled base (grey painted) is made from 10mm thick steel plate which weighs about 8kg (~17lbs) then the spindle and pantograph add another 5kg giving a total weight of 13kg (~28lb). I am also going to put another skid made of UHMWPE (a very slick plastic) under the plywood to further reduce friction.


I haven’t been paying attention to the second batch delivery. Do you have a machine yet? You’ve done more without one (sled and control box) than I have with. I’m just now getting the frame setup. Also, debated using a R Pi3 but read some negative reviews based upon the Maslow sys requirements. If you’ve gotten yours up and running, how well has it worked?



I found it possible with a PI3 -

Do you already own a PI foundation touch screen?

Thank you


Yeah I have my kit, (hopefully) starting on the Frame Today now that the Xmas chaos is subsiding…


I just got the touchscreen in and I’m actually waiting on a keyboard (too many years with laptops). Once I get that, I’ll finish downloading and installing the new drivers and GC. I’ll read up on your setup more. This is my first time using the R Pi3. Also, I’m not really handy at the whole programming thing so I’m trying to learn at the same time.

I can’t wait to see how you build the frame. I went a little overboard on mine I think. Also, I’m going to see about attaching my linkage the same way you did so that I can skip the 2x4. Eventually, I’d like to go with the same thickness plate for CG purposes on the sled and just add the cutting board material to let if slide easier.



If your using the Pi foundation touchscreen you should be able to follow the steps in the KivyPie setup under software. Others are using it with this setup. However for me 800 x 480 is too low of a resolution. As I was unable to get KivyPie to work I can’t say how long the process will take. Under Ubuntu Mate _ I’d budget at least 5 hours. The Updates and Downloads add up.

Thank you


Thanks @Bee. I’m just borrowed a keyboard and will try it out. If this doesn’t work, then I’ll just reload retropie and start designing an arcade cabinet. I may just need to hit up Newegg like you’d suggested in the other thread.


FWW - eventually I plan to offer a preset Pi. At issue right now is chicken and egg. Setting up wifi headless without a connection. Once I have it all ironed out I’ll put out more information.

Thank you


I have bought a 1024x600 7" touch screen from China which seems to be large enough… Have not tried it in anger yet (still building the frame). The screen was cheaper than the official one and better :wink:


I look forward to seeing how it works for you.

Thank you