Need Calibration Help in Syracuse

Anyone in the Syracuse, NY area able to help me calibrate my machine? I have it working reliably but after spending weeks using Triangular calibration on GroundControl, and then moving on to Holey Calibration (where I was told I was withing 2mm), it still is making things too narrow across and too long up and down. I am off by over a 1/4 inch on a 2 inch square.

I am willing to pay for your time.

I’m not in your area, but you may want to check that the top beam doesn’t deflect when cutting. It won’t when drilling holes, but it can when cutting and moving depending on your cut depth and feed rate. Have you checked to see if it needs to be reinforced to cut down on deflection? This may improve your accuracy.

I have not checked that. I will check it and report back later this week.