Need Help to do a puzzle

I am trying to cut a puzzle with the MakerCam but having a hard time. When I do the profile toolpath, it only does the outside perimeter. As you can see on the pic attached. Even if I highlight the inside puzzle parts, it tells me “please select at least one closed path”. Can someone help?
Also, Does anybody have Aspire and have you ever saved a file using Aspire and cut your pieces with Maslow? image

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What program did you draw the original file in? You need to work from closed profiles to generate toothpaths. It looks like the fish’s outside was drawn as 1 profile, and then all the inner lines drawn as their own polylines. You will need to go back to your source file, separate out each of the puzzle parts, then trim and join them to make each piece its own closed profile.

Also, did you factor in any clearance between each of the puzzle pieces? If there are all exactly the same size they won’t fit together well. If you haven’t already, you should offset each of the interlocking puzzle lines 0.015" or 0.39mm inwards so there’s a little clearance in the joint.


This might be glaringly obvious but don’t forget your bit diameter. Unless you’re using a very small bit, if cut like you have it laid out above, the pieces might be way too sloppy (not sure the actually size of this).


This type of puzzle is usually done on a scroll saw.

Scroll Saw Jigsaw Puzzles - YouTube

Thank you

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You should also move the pieces away from each other and do an outside profile cut on each. I don’t think you can realistically find a router bit small enough to cut a very fine line all the way through a piece of material that you might be using. It will likely come up very loose. So as @MeticulousMaynard suggested, make each piece its own closed path and then separate them in the svg file (or move them in makercam). Do an outside profile on each. Make sure the router bit has a diameter smaller than the tightest inside curve. For illustrative purposes, attached is a “photoshopped” version of your screenshot describing the suggestions (a picture is worth 1000 words)

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Thank you all for the help. I will try them. thank you so much

@Rngcustomcrafts have used a 1/16 in bit with my maslow and cut a very detailed welcome sign through .5 inch plywood. Any way, have you tried the “follow path” operation in maker cam? If not, try and select one of the lines not included with the profile operation and select follow path. You can then set your depth and bit size. Give it a shot. :+1:

Remember, as stated above about the bit size, follow path with drive up the center of the line, so the radius size of the bit with be on both sides, as you cut a tab out, it may cut it off or make it really thin. Easel by Inventables has a puzzle maker generator built in to the program. Try it out too, you can export the gcode file and run it in Ground Control.


I’m always looking for good router bits, especially for detailed work. Can you point me to the router bit you used?

@madgrizzle I buy some from Inventables and Bit-N-Bit. Here is the bit-n-bit long reach .625 inch. Enjoy :grinning: