Need major help! cant get up and running

just curious if there is anyone around North Texas area. i purchased this machine to make letters and words, nothing big but my husband is ready to get rid of it cause i cant get it up and running. he built frame etc. and left all the software to me cause he works lol. i loaded Arduino on my Windows 10 laptop and i loaded and unzipped firmware. but when it tries to do the sketch on Arduino it pops up error. i cant connect either… i’m just so frustrated i don’t know what to do.
I am great with stuff like this when i can call someone and they walk me thru each step but i dont have that option here. so i thought i would see if anyone in my area has purchased and is up and running that could help me.

Should have read closer before asking previous question . Anyway. are you software savy enough to go to windows 10 device manager and see if the Arduino shows up there when plugged in?

For me, under ports, mine shows Arduino Mega 2560 (COM3)

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Delete everything off your computer and try again. Make sure the version you are downloading is compatible with your operating system.

how do i know if the version is compatible? i have windows 10 i downloaded the 1.18

I will check that and see. I’m having to teach myself how to use Windows all over again. I have had a Mac for the last 5 years but i figured it would be easier to use a Windows computer with this machine.

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Check the operating system of your computer and verify they match with what your downloading it should be in settings/system or something of that sort.

Don’t use the arduino software thats on the windows store, it doesn’t work. Use the one here:

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If you have a Mac and you are more comfortable with it it might be worth just going the Mac route

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