First timer troubles

First timer troubles, I am trying to set up for the first time. I cannot seem to get the source code to push to the Arduino. I get an error message. I have no knowledge of source code or anything else computer related for that matter, can anybody help me out?

What is the error message you are seeing? If you can copy and paste the text or take a screen shot it will help us narrow down what is going on

Welcome Maslowian.
More information required to help.
Are you running window$ or else.
For all answers: What version?
Are you using the Arduino Software to upload the firmware (in the firmware folder named ‘cnc_ctrl_v1.ino’) or else? Version would be nice, mostly found in the ‘menu bar’ with clicking ‘Help’ and/or ‘About’.
If both answers are NOT else, then check:
In the ‘menu bar’ inside the Arduino Software for 2 things, Tools --> "Board and “Port” and report those back please.

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I was initially using my Windows laptop and, long story short, the battery died and I left my charger out of town, so I was not able to get the error message copied. I retried on my Mac and everything went fine, so I am proceeding with that route. Thank you for the quick response, I am sure this will be the first of many visits to the forums.

This morning I will be cutting out the temporary sled, calibrating and running my first cuts. Wish me luck.


Good luck! I get my kit next month and am thankful for all of the pioneers!

Good Luck! Happy chipping!