Nemma 23 stepped motor as Z-axis, wiring


Can someone can explain me how to plug my Nema 23 stepper motor as Z-axis ( 4 cables : red, green, yellow, blue ) to MP2 connector of Mega 2560 R3 that has a 6 pins connection ?



Hi there! I fear if you don’t have a motor-shield that is new to me, you are out of luck. None of the 4 shields I came across is able to drive a stepper motor and Soft- and Firmware would need to re-programed to use steps instead of encoders.

Kind regards, Gero

Thanks Gero,
What would be the simplest and fastest solution for me ?
I can buy a new motor and sliding devices.

What would you recommand ? I’m in europe so amazon is a good option…

Ps : where to find the connector to plug on the MP2 of mega 2560 R3 ?


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I forgot the Welcome you to the community. I don’t know nothing about you setup. Did you buy a kit or source the parts yourself? Are we talking about the Maslow? (I’ve 3d printers here on the Forum, so need to ask :wink: .

Edit: A quick search in the Forum got me this. Perhaps the model-numbers can help. zaxis-motor-cable-connector

Yep, my company bought a kit :

  • the original maslow cnc kit
    Plus :
  • nemma 23 stepper motor
  • FurMune Spindle Motor Air Cooled Motor Driving as router

I also have a makita RT0700

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@alban I think the original kits have been first sold without Z and then as an option. So you are missing the z-motor and the cable?
On top of the arduino there is a motor-shield plugged in. Does that have 3 connectors?

to use the makita you will need to buy a dedicated z axis
buy the 2nd and 4th item on this web page

you’ll also need the 65mm clamp here

and lastly a
60t, 20t and timing belt from this page

and of course the motor, which you can buy off amazon or one of the maslow kit sellers

Is that the 1,5kw one? Since I’m running a spindle I will never go back to a router, more silent and more options on speed control and collets. Cutting with 3.175mm (1/4’) bits is less dust and waste. The C-beam is a great option, you would also need a clamp that fits the c-beam-plate and the spindle. Keep th c-beam as short as possible, but long enough to have an easy tool-change. My sled, not as a recommendation, just as a reference.

No it’s a 800 watts spindle and i got the clamp.
Connection is weird, it’s a four pin connection with no indication at all …

Is it possible to use this one ? How to connect it to main power with the 4 poles connections ?
Or better to use my Makita RT0700 ?

Yes my motor shield has the MP2 connector free for the z axis…
I did not receive cabling and connector for that …

That is a nice spindle and would be great. But you would need the matching inverter for it, if you don’t go for a router. So on you shopping list is additional the c-beam, or as alternative something like the , z-motor and cable. The motor can be found here , don’t know who sells the cable. Are you from Germany?

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I’m from Belgium, working in Luxembourg.
I can order in Germany.
I’m still missing the cable and connector for Z-axis motor to MP2 connector

1 Like is a good source for most things. Not sure what a mp2 connector is though.