New Computer. No Ground Control

The card you have has a DVI and displaylink connector. You have the option of using an active DVI VGA adapter like keith posted, or a Display Link to VGA cable, or a passive DVI VGA adapter.

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I actually got a callback from JSM Computers and Scott told me my card was supposed to come with the adapter. He was apologetic and said he’d send me one right out. Nice guy :ok_hand:

I got the adapter in the mail hooked it up to the card and hooked the monitor up to the adapter. I still didn’t see anything on the monitor and I called or rather emailed back to JSM and he asked me some questions and diagnosed that the card is bad and he will have to send me another one. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!
excuse me. Ehem.
With patience:
It will be like a brand new computer :joy:. Working perfectly fine :+1:. Ground Control will work better than expected and I will get it done!


I have been sent a card that worked at least for visual. I can finally see what’s going on. But I tried to download and launch Ground Control once again and it is not working. It says that it is unable to get a window, abort.
What are the minimum requirements for everything Maslow?

Try to extract files from a single path option. Do not extract too large folders and avoid extracting multiple folders at once. It may sometimes create errors.

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I have an even newer computer and have ground control up.
Thanks everyone!
Welcome @ryanalex !

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The “new computer” originally referred to in this post was insufficient in it’s amount of “gigga gigga”. I have since gotten it solved by upgrading. (if this is what you’re talkin about?) Thanks!

Are these spam? A bunch of first time posts suggesting long path tool?

Seems like some kind of bot.

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I agree. I’m going to delete them. None of them have spent more than a minute or two in the forums so I don’t think they are real accounts

This is something to deal with long paths created by long file names, looks like pretty schlocky software to me. Damien, while he looks like a nice guy (we know all profile pictures are accurate representations of their owner) joined, hung out here for a minute, and has never been seen again. We must have made it onto a spam here for fun and profit forum list with the ones you deleted a month ago.

In other words he’s a pile of swamprat dung and deserves to be shoveled out

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