New connection problem

Two weeks ago i updated my firmware and then i was ready for calibration. After 2 weeks of working i come back to run the calibration and now i can not even get it to connect. I can not even see it in my wifi.

Do you see the blinking blue light?

Are you trying to connect to the “maslow” wifi network that the machine creates or have it connect to your home wifi network?

I see the blue blinking light. Trying to have it connect…cant see the Maslow network.

Is there any chance that you set it to connect to your home wifi network? The maslow network will disappear if the machine is connected to your home wifi

I don’t think so…how can i change it? It gave me a message asking if my fw was correct?

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You were able to connect to get the message about the firmware being correct? Refreshing the page should make that go away.

I got that message from the maslow page but it wont connect.

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Ah I understand. I thought that you were having trouble connecting to the wifi.

You are able to connect to the maslow wifi network, but then when you connect you see this page? Or are you seeing this page when not connected to the Maslow wifi network?

I can’t even see the Maslow network in my list of networks. I doesn’t even matter the device i try to use.

Gotcha, I think that the page you are seeing on the computer is a cached version so you can ignore that message. The first thing to solve is to connect.

Do you have a home wifi network that you are connected to?

Yes my tablet is connected to my regular household wifi

If you go to the address maslow.local does that connect to your machine?

It says no, cant be found.

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Can you try turning off your regular wifi network and then turning your Maslow off and then on again?

The only time that it won’t create a “maslow” wifi network is if it is already connected to another wifi network

when you had your maslow up before, did you configure it to connect to your home

David Lang

It was up and working…after the last firmware update i finally got the Z axis to move and belts to attract. Now when i turn it on no Maslow page or connection

No a full system restart doesn’t make it show up.

Was this after unplugging your home wifi router?

Yes. Is it possible the firmware got corrupted or something?

I don’t think so. If the blue LED is blinking that means that the machine is using wifi