Video Walk-through for the Calibration Process

It seems like there are a decent number of people stuck on different steps of the calibration process. I think that there are probably some firmware bugs / fixes needed to address some of the issues that folks are seeing, but also I think that more clear instructions are needed too.

This is a real quick walk through the whole calibration process for both horizontal and vertical configurations.

Let me know if you have questions or if I missed things.


An easy improvement I see right away: Have the calibration routine spit out the correct YAML variables (e.g instead of “tl/x: -29.4”, just output “Maslow_tlX: -29.4”)

It would avoid the tedious copying of numbers you do at around 11:40 in the video.

EDIT: Also, what size is that frame on the floor? It’s giving me some ideas.
EDIT2: Nevermind, it’s the default frame.


That is an excellent and easy to implement suggestion. I will make it work that way for next weeks firmware update.

1: The machine receives rough dimensions of the frame. But there’s also the spoil board dimensions. What assumptions is it making about that? Or, what are the minimum dimensions of the spoil board in relation to the frame size with regards to the calibration sequence. (and the machine not tipping over) It’s been stated that a frame should be at least 30cm larger on all sides to get accurate cuts. Is that the number the calibration process uses?
2: In the vertical orientation. How does the machine know which belts to use for calibration. is there a mandatory orientation for the machine (like power cord facing down? )

Would it be the the “calibration offset” value that detemines where Maslow wil take measurements so 500 means it will attempt to take its measurements 500mm inside of the given frame dimensions?

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Yup, that is exactly right.

Yes, the power cord should be down in the vertical orientation. Great point calling out these assumptions.