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New M2 - Absolutely no life from motors

Howdy all. New M2, fairly accurate dedication to setup and all was looking great until calibration. No movement nor hum from X, Y or Z.
Makerverse seems to be speaking to the Due okay. All cables checked for orientation & firm connection. Everything seems to be updated and I have rebooted, uninstalled, cried, rebooted & cried some more.
Below photos of the unit I have which seem to have extra power & usb connection blanked off. I presume this is correct but I am stumped - I’m also very slow with these modern electric wizardry so if you can help please write slowly!

Thank you all in advance, I have learnt quite a lot from previous questions & answers already.

looks like you have the black power cord in the correct location. Make sure the boards are pressed together completely and that the black power cord is providing 12V. The blue cord provides communication and power to the processor and the black cord provides power to the motors. If the processor talks, but the motors don’t move, most often it is the black cable or the cables to the motor. rarely do none of them work. It might be that the system doesn’t know its position and thinks it is out of bounds, so it doesn’t move, but it would provide a soft limit error if that were the case.

Hi Orob. Thank you for that info. I gave the boards a fair squeeze but will research more on that now in case it wasn’t enough and find a way to check the 12v output.
During calibration I was getting a Soft Limit Error so I keep changing that booleen to 0.
From videos I have watched the motors seem to hum/shriek immediately when powered on, even before calibration? Hopefully it will be a simple power issue.

Thank you again for your input - I’ll report back later today!

Orob, many thanks for sending me in the direction of power!
It appears the main cable to the 12v adapter is faulty. Fuse is fine and out of divilment I will attack it later to see what’s up.
For now my motors are humming and I’ll start the calibration using an old lead from a pc - I knew I’d need it someday :thinking::smiley:.
Thanks again.

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Many thanks to you all. Photo is my 1st cut for my 3yr old! Perfect.
Had a few issues but all the advice here is brilliant, useful & invaluable.