Shield failing after chain wrap?

I just got a Maslow and finally got it setup, planned on using it to cut some parts for the high school robotics team.
After calibrating it was going to the home position and it looks like the chain wrapped in the left side. Now when I do a motor test the left motor fails. I tried swapping the left and right motors on the shield and testing again and then the right fails. So I’m pretty sure it’s the shield. When I hit test the motor still moves but returns a fail. It looks like replacement shields are out of stock any options? Also is it still usable at all? Trying to help out the kids.


We’ll get you back up and running.

Can you post a picture of the shield so we can see what version it is?

Awesome thanks I’ll post tonight when I get back from the robotics meeting!

high school robotics? it wouldn’t happen to be vex would it :grinning:

Actually First Robotics!

@bar here is the photo of the shield thanks for the help to get us back up and running! I’m also going to look into 3D printing design the community has posted to help prevent chain wrap!

Thank you!

oh cool, I did first robotics in middle school then switched to vex when I got to high school

I believe makermade has that covered under their warranty, try emailing them?

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Thanks for the pointer, I tried to find their contact info on their website but those pages seem a little messed up, I think there are some WordPress issues. Does anyone have the maker made contact information to share?

try messaging them on FB?

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We can also try tagging them here as @MakerMadeCNC

That style of board (1.2b) is known to be damageable from a chain wrap so it is probably safe to assume that a new board is the solution. I have mailed out all the spares I had laying around so I can’t send you one.

@EastBaySource sells a replacement which uses the upgraded TLE5206 driver chips, however they are not cheap:

I would get in touch with makermade first and see if they can help you out.

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@bar thanks for looking around for an extra, I ended up being able to connect with Maker Made and they are sending me a replacement. I definitely want to look at getting the one from @EastBaySource and emailed them through their contact page. But they seem to be sold out currently of the updated design. I’m looking forward to getting the replacement and getting the parts cut out. Thank all for the help!

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we also sell the newer board


We will have more TLE5206 shields up for sale in just a few days.

I had the idea to outsource them from China to lower the cost, but decided that keep making them here in USA is better, not only because we hire local labor, but also the components we’re using are from authorized distributors which means they are traceable, the entire process from the fabrication to storage and transport is strictly controlled and documented to ensure reliability as these semiconductors are meant to be used for production.

I think having a good quality shield that will not fail is cheaper in the long run.

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