New to me Fusion 360 workflow exporting an SVG from Fusion

I have been out of sorts with makercam and my workflow for quite awhile. All of my recent efforts have been just as problematic. I recently discovered I can export an SVG from Fusion using the shaper origin plugin. Seems to be working pretty slick so far, I am usign EstlCam for CAM.

Mac version
Windows version

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If you are already using Fusion, what is wrong with the Fusion CAM option? it’s
far more powerful than makercam will ever be.

David Lang

I am trying to abandon makercam, and have been trying to make EstlCAM work. I played with CAM in Fusion and got frustrated, very confusing for me. But as we were discussing in the other thread EstlCAM is cutting too slow, I worked up a socket tray for my tool box (holes for socket wrenches and sockets) and EstlCAM is telling me over 7 hours to cut at 30ipm. :anguished:Tray (1.3 MB)