New to this chromebook

i am new to this and looking for some direction…

I currently have a chromebook and dont know what CAD and CAM software I can use for this.

Does anyone here use or have used chromebook if so what software do you recommend?

I directed a family member to move to Chromebook becasue she had endless problems with a PC. As far as I know, you are limited to what the Chrome store has to offer or what you can find in-browser. I’ve heard people recommend tinkerCADfor beginners to cut their teeth on but I’ve never used it.

Here’s a reddit post with a ton of good links, some of which may be online tools.

Just my $0.02 but I think you’re going to have a difficult time sticking to just a Chromebook. I’d be very impressed to see someone’s workflow 100% on a Chromebook but I feel like you will hit some limitations that a PC or Mac won’t have.

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Awesome info! That’s the information I was looking for. Appreciate it

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