Newbie installing for 1st time


We purchased this cool tool late in 2018, I have begun setting up over the holidays. I am awaiting the router to come from Amazon, as well as the bit. Can’t wait to get started, I have a couple of questions while I’m waiting for it.however

  1. when I run Ground control the first time to calibrate, should I have a bit in the router, and should it be running? Would it be better to calibrate with no bit/not running the router (just sitting in the sled)?

2 . when I setup the chains on the X&Y motors (I am using the default frame design) the stretchy cords seem to be way longer on my setup then on the pics of the assembly guide. Should I be worried about this or wait for the calibration?

Thanks and look forward to getting this up and running!


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At one point the calibration will do a testcut to improve the accuracy. It is ok to wait with the router bit and turning on the machine until just before that.

A picture would help, but as a new user you might not be able to do that right away.
To loose bungees can cause a chain jump. To short can snap.
You could manually put the chain on the sprocket in the 2 extreme positions short/long to get a ‘feel’ how short to make the bungees.

Edit: A picture of my first frame 2017

I took the hooks for the bungees out with an additional 2x4 to help align the chain with the sprocket.
It’s worth to look up the top chain inventions here and also the weight vs. bungee arguments.
My ugly solution that is confirmed to work well: Poor man weight chain tensioning


If you have one of our kits, the stretchy cord can be cut down to fit your specific application. Knowing that there are different machine configurations available, we provided enough bungee to allow the user to choose how they want to run them.

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Thanks for the responses. I can’t seem to attach a pic, guess cuz I’m new. it would help if I knew how long the bungee cord should be for the default frame design, doesn’t seem to say in the instructions, Or should I go by eye from the pic in the installation manual?



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If I remember correctly the correct length is 145cm but give that a test before you cut it. That’s just off the top of my head

You could form a loop in the cord with the cable ties, but leave the free end hanging. If the loop is in the wrong place you can cut the cable ties and make another loop. Cut the free end when you’re sure the length is correct.

Can’t help you with specific measurements. We bought our kit from @bar with precut cord, which we didn’t alter, but it’s on the machine now so I can’t measure it.

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