Poor man weight chain tensioning

A ugly proof of concept that it is possible with scrap and the stock material.
Remodelling my frame 1 to become frame 2, life has set the budget to -0$, so that is what I had to work with.


  • Switch from top-feed to bottom feed
  • Reduce top beam flex as much as possible
  • Get rid of the bungee cords
  • Align the chains with the motor sprockets on sled and slack side (I assume I can get away without any chain guides. If not they are easily added at no cost as well)

The start was a balanced sled to determine the height of the chains over the sheet. That measurement was taken to sandwich scrap at the top beam for motors mounts and weight chain tensioning.


  • Scrap wood / ply, mdf, whatever was in reach
  • The 6 rollers with bearings that come with the kit
  • Woven fishing line rated at 30lbs (~13.60kg). Any thin rope will do.
  • Hooks and screws (all in the kit)
  • The 2 S-hooks that come with the kit
  • 2 Plastic jugs with 1 GAL (~3.78 L) capacity, each filled with 2 L water, ~2kg (~4.40 pound)
  • I added 2 snap-hooks to eliminate runaway sprockets (I had them, so 0 cost)

No judgement on the looks! This is my second temporary frame and I’m not sure if the 3rd will be the final one and I do not know in what country I will build that.
I’m posting this just in case there are others on low or 0 budget.


That looks good, how accurate is it?

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Not there yet David, to run my Maslow again. Searching for foam sheets that don’t seem to exist here or other options to make a straight and plain spoil-board. I have a free source of OSB ~ 1/3 size of a ply sheet and might have to go with that. (check your local marble store, it is packing waste for them)
Hand pulling the weight setup is very smooth and from this limited testing I am happy.