Newly created Market tab in the Garden

There is now a space for us to list things for sale by and for the community. The “Swap Meet” channel in the forums provides a great place for the community to list one off items for sale, however as we are seeing more and more upgrade kits and parts created by the community we need a permanent place to list everything for sale in one place for those who do not have the time to dig through the forums.

Like everything in the garden, projects can be added or edited by anyone (by community vote). The “Store” tab will soon direct here to drive traffic from our main website (

You can check it out at

Adding an item for sale to the Market is exactly the same as creating any other project, just choose the Market category when creating the project:


To add a price to the listing add a “price” category to the ROBOT.MD



Is it linked with the store, so items automatically appears there too? Or is that not the plan?

The “Store” button on the website now just links straight to the garden page so really it IS the new store