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Next Ground Control Release?


Just got my MakerMadeCNC kit in the mail and am making plans to build the frame and set up the system.

When is the next GC release coming out? trying to determine if I should download 1.25 or wait for 1.26 as building the frame and assembly will probably take more than an afternoon.


I would go with 1.25 for sure. We do a release with any bug fixes or new features on the 1st of every month if there are changes to release, but for the last few months things have been stable. 1.25 will probably be the latest for at least another month.


Hi Bar,
I have been switching to a triangular setup, downloaded firmware and groundcontrol 1.26 yesterday and ran into some snafus with the calibration. Are you saying above that I should have used version 1.25 instead?
I have a number of things that seem to go wrong, like the chain not releasing after tensioning, and then the kogs running in the wrong direction and things that feel a little odd. Please let me know, I might just try to switch to 1.25. (I was coming from 1.16.)

I have the original frame with V-style arms with an additional 2x4 strength support bar horizontal to ground, the flexi-cord chain tension strategy, chains run over the top of the gear kog.



Under the “Releases” tab we are at 1.25.
You might have downloaded the ‘developer version’ with the green button. That could explain why you are at 1.26.

Having that said I don’t think the are changes between the 2 that would explain your difficulties.
There is likely an other source, like being confused with ‘bottom feed’ and ‘top feed’ that will change direction of how the sprockets turn.
Fastest is probably to post a picture of your setup and the groundcontorl.ini from your user folder.
Perhaps also change the settings in GC to what you measure by hand and start the calibration there.
Let us know in detail where you are stuck.
Tschuess, Gero


Thanks Gero,
Yeah, I totally did grab the developer version. My bad. I obviously tried to live by the rule not to change a running system. The triangulation system was just too tempting.
Anyway, I think I’ll do a total shutdown and go through the process again in the next couple of days while taking pics and screenshots along the way. That way I have good documentation to share. I think I’ll open a new thread though. This doesn’t seem to fit here all that well.


We’ll be here to help figure out where you are getting caught up when you post a thread :+1: :+1:


1.25 it is, Thanks