No COM port? Can I use the USB port?

My computer does not have a COM port, where do I go from here?

Thank you

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What operating system do you run?
The Arduino is connected to an USB.
On windows is will show up as a com port in the device manager. Hope that helps.


I had this problem when I got a new laptop that was running the latest Windows 10 64bit. ‘Com ports’ did not appear in ‘Device manager’ , what I had to do was goto ‘Action’ tab at the top and ‘Add legacy hardware’. Next ‘Install hardware manually’ and you can manually install com ports. This might do the trick for you,

First thing you should check is in the ‘View’ tab ‘Show hidden devices’. Sometimes the Com ports are just hidden.


Welcome, Oscar! Good advice!

hi, I did the thing like ‘Add legacy hardware’. Next ‘Install hardware manually’ and manually install com ports.
It’s! not showing yet. Capture|386x500

The com port appears to be there, but the driver isn’t completely loaded yet because the yellow !. see if you can change the driver by searching for a new one.

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