Noob trying to make a cool chair

I am new to Maslow… currently finishing my kit build. I am trying to make a chair picture attached… I have no idea what bit to use with my rigid router for this project. I asked the guy at the lumber yard (hopefully not a mistake) and bought a 1/2" shank round nose bit 3/4"x3/4". I also bought 3/4" ply for it. Also my backstop is crappy chip board of 7/16" hopefully that will work. I purchased a 3D model of the chair I am looking to make and brought it into fashion 360 and am trying to learn how to tear apart the model to make the tooth paths etc. Any advice regarding all of this would be fantastic. Thanks

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A very ambitious project for the Maslow as a first project and a nice chair.

Hope you have some cheap bits and scrap material for calibrating the Maslow and cutting some simple thing to tell you how good you are dialled in on measurements.

A round nose is sadly not the best tool for the job, as you want the front and back cut to be the same width and would have to go deeper into you spoil-board to achieve that with a round nose.
1 or max 2 flute upcut flat nose bits is what i’ve seen used here most. I will attempt a 1/8" (3.175mm) hopefully soon, but would not recommend to use that if you are new to CNC.
Sine the design will require a lot of ‘nesting’ of the parts, thinner bits give you some advantage of how much material waste you will have. Not sure how many of this parts you will actually get on per sheet of ply.

Edit: Can you post a link to from where you bought the 3D model please? Want to check the price and the file formats they offer.

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you will have at least 50% waste if not more like 80% waste if you cut out each layer as shown. If you split the chair into 3 sections with an over lap of a couple of inches your waste would be considerably less.
However if you are going to do that, it might just be easier to design it from scratch?’
I"d be worried about strength too. the end grain of plywood is not very strong.

Alternatively use the maslow to make a template and build a wood steamer, but that would make the project 10x more complicated.

Not sure how the strength with be… I am ok with the waste. Good points @Metalmaslow