Not going to use my Maslow - SOLD

I received my Maslow kit including a Z axis in November but have decided to go another direction. I opened the box but have not assembled anything so everything is new as shipped. I am willing to give it to a deserving person all I want is to be reimbursed for the shipping and I’ll let the person get the shipment first before they send me the money. I’d like it to go to someone that will use it and enjoy it. I do not want to ship out of the US though. Most here probably already have one so if any of your friends or family would be able to use it, let me know.


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@ColoScott I really want it and will use it. I’ll PM you.

This has been spoken for and no longer available.



I’m sad you are going a different direction, but I wanted to acknowledge your generosity to another person who will be working with it here. The people in the forum are exceptional and I’m grateful to be a part of this community.

Thank you

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Out of interest what direction did you end up heading in?

I bought a Delusional Design CNC plasma table. It can mount a router as well.


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