OK, So I cut the logo now what?

So I threw together a TikTok video, because you gotta do that sometime. PS. Turn the sound on, I’m still tinkering around with udio, so this is one of the tracks I got it to generate.

It’s terrible plywood, and a well (ab)used bit, which I think might be past its service life.

Next up is I know that the frame (from the old Maslow) is good, but where I’m anchoring the M4 is too short vertically. So I’ll be modifying the frame to get maximum vertical spread for the anchor points, and then obviously recalibrating.

And while the M4 is off the frame I’m also going to try and find out where that nut came from that fell off during the first cut.


I guess I was lucky, I made it to my 3rd cut before I realized there were two nuts in the sawdust around my workpiece. Both of mine were from the linear rod clamps.

I’m definitely going to try to make a habit of looking for loose machine screws/nuts and probably apply threadlocker if I find repeat offenders.

Nice cut on the Maslow logo, by the way. For some reason I never could get the g-code from the community garden to work, so I’ve been creating my own cuts.

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I went and dug up the one that Bar had posted a while back Maslow Logo test cut file - Maslow Community - Maslow CNC Forums

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