Open GCode in Webcontrol?

Sorry to bother but I’m still having trouble getting Webcontrol up and running. I got to point of making a test cut but when I try to open a gcode file I get a screen that doesn’t allow me to edit directory or file name. This happens on 2 Windows PC’s. I’m sure I’m doing something stupid but I can’t figure it out.

you need to first upload the g-code to webcontrol, the open gcode is opening it
on the machine where webcontrol is running (it is confusing, but I haven’t
thought up better wording for the options so haven’t suggested anything)

David Lang

Maybe “view local gcode” and “upload gcode?”

WebControl started out on a headless (no gui) Raspberry Pi so to get files into it, I did it via a webbrowser, the “upload” made since (you upload the file to the RPI). I didn’t want to force people to load samba, ftp server, or use something like winscp to upload files. Then I decided to make it work with Windows, but that approach doesn’t make sense from a Windows perspective since you are probably using the very machine webcontrol it is running on. I’ll have to figure out how to do it better for windows… But, in the meantime, just upload the file… even in windows.

I was suggesting a change to the name/description of the button, not the functionality of it. If you are using the same machine can’t you just copy the file to the correct location?

any suggestions on a good name/description?

you may be able to access the files directly, but you have to work your way up
from where you start. better to copy your files to the right location. Or create
a symlink to the directory you want to look at.

there are good security reasons to not let a web app access things up outside
the directory.

David Lang

Technically for what the menu items do, they are correct. Upload allows you to upload the file to webcontrol and open allows you to open a previously uploaded file. But yes, you can just copy your files to the .Webcontrol/gcode directory and not bother with uploading.

For comparison, I know Cncjs has an upload button and you select your local file to send to cncjs. It then loads it (just like webcontrol). Webcontrol, however, allows you to reopen the file without re-uploading it. Handy when you are using a tablet or phone where the file might not be stored.

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