Two Roxanne Chairs from Open Desk

As a part of my testing this week, and because I just moved and needed chairs I made two Roxanne Chairs from Open Desk

They went really well, I like how the legs join with a hidden tab and pocket. I’m not sure they are quite as elegant as the slim chair, but after living with the slim chair for a little while it feels like it could break if you lean back too much while these don’t.

I made a video about the process here:

I’m hoping to do a Cafe Desk to go with them soon.


The chair parts spread across a whole sheet is a great test.
Can you remember the rpm, feed rate, depth per pass and bit type that you used?
That ring setup looks very good. I like the adjustability.

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I’ve been pretty much always running at the maximum feedrate that the firmware allows these days since the PID control is working so we’ll thanks to @krkeegan’s contributions. In fact I think it’s about time we raised that limit. I was doing .15 inch passes with a two flute up spiral bit (the one we sell). I believe the RPM was ~12,000. Almost as low as the Ridgid will go to improve the bit life

I am super pleased with the ring set up. I find myself tending to favor the middle of the sheet and I want to stop doing that and work towards the edges more


I think you can safely bump it from 900mm/min to 1000, but that is about the maximum speed the motors can sustain across the entire work surface.


Hi i was hoping to build a couple of these but their site isn’t currently allowing downloads for some reason, do you by any chance still have the dnd files for these?

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