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Opendesk Foosball Table (Gone)


Anyone still have the .dxf files for the foosball table that opendesk used to have online?


Here is the Sketchup you can generate the files from it.

Thank you


Openbricks has the table also and there is a dxf mentioned. I don’t have an account to test if that link works or just points to the same missing dropbox file.!/project/571ab972421df2e44b102bf3/bricks?brick=571ab9c0421df2e44b102bf5


Openbricks .DXF was there. Thank you. I also didn’t know you could generate a dxf off of a sketchup file. Thank you Bee. I’m new to Maslow - actually haven’t even received mine yet. Supposed to ship at the end of June.


I have the original files, in case you are still interested. I’m new here , so I don’t know if I can post a dropbox link or ask for email.


yes! please! The original files included an assembly guide and parts/hardware list.

Thank you!


Done :slight_smile:


Thanks for providing the .dxf files. I was also looking for it. I am also writing a blog on Foosball table while performing my project.