OpenDesk Layout Table Question

I am looking to build the OpenDesk Layout Table, but I am a little confused on the DXF file.
I downloaded it from Github and opened it in Fusion360.
It shows me 3 sheets of parts. That is my first point of confusion. Why 3 sheets? It seems to have all the parts on 1 sheet. I am guessing it has something to do with machining on 2 sides of the sheet?
The other question is that the only part that I see that would have double sided machining would be the small drawer. Any suggestions on how to best machine those on 2 sides and get things to actually match up when flipped?

Git Layout Desk
Video of the Desk

Nevermind, I was tired and hadn’t read the title of each sketch in the DXF. It is pretty self explanatory telling if the cut is on the top or bottom of the sheet, what type of cut and the depth.

My first cut will be a hole all the way through and I will reverse the sheet in fusion and have that same hole on the other side as my first cut and just use that to index the two sides.

Now the question will be how accurate my Maslow is all over the sheet. I do have a 12’ top beam but haven’t really tested the accuracy of it yet in a way that makes sense to me.

Is the flipping of the board worth that tiny drawer? In the top middle and the 2 low corners you should expect some deviation. Also, since all cute go to the corners, you would need a thin frame around your worksheet to avoid the sled ‘tipping’. let the sled run ;dry’ (without a bit) to the corners) will give you some insight, perhaps on the top you can skip the frame if the sled does not tip.
What Maslow do you have and what software are you using? There are no comparable calibration results that I’ve found here on the Forum. The ‘holey calibration’ seems to one of the paths. There has recently been a new calibration, outside of software running in python that reads promising, but did not read about anyone testing it other then the inventor. I would spread the part over 2 sheets, your chances for a usable outcome are better.

Kind regards, Gero

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I have a maslow from right after they released the ring kit. I think its running 1.26 firmware.
No issues with tipping. I have a 1’ skirt all the way around.
I want to do the flip to just see how that process would work as I have some other thoughts on projects I might need to do both sides.

heres a video of my Maslow from a recent cut.

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With a widened motor spacing the 2 low corners could actually work to cut to the edges. If the vertical offset is also raised, the top cut could work. Seen lot of ‘hiccups’ cutting close to the top edge.
Are you using holy calibration? I would draw a square as close to the edges as in the dxf-file and run one round on a cheap sheet. Would love to see a well calibrated machine to cut to all edges, don’t get demotivated by my comments :wink: