Optimum frame angle

Has anyone come up with the perfect frame angle? I’m beginning to plan my swing down frame so I want to get all of my dimensions before I start construction.

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depends on many factors like total sled weight and friction.
8 degree is to low and 18 degree is to high. 15 was the original standard, but I guess a little less is currently most used.

edit: I made supports to the wall on 2 sides of the frame and can set between 8 and 18 seamless with help of a longhole.

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Thank you

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What are you using to pull it up (to the ceiling I guess)?

I have tested
5 - sled came up during plunge
10 - seemed to work well and cut better in lower corners.
15 - works well. Corners can be less accurate.

I’m currently running 30lb sled at 15 degrees. I added weight to help in the lower corners instead of staying at 10 degrees
I would guess somewhere between 10 -15 is optimal with a 20 to 30 lb sled.


I’m looking at using a boat trailer winch. The rafters are 24" oc so the sled will fit between them.


Any plans on posting pics or plans of your frame? I was looking for info on the frame angle for the same reason.