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Panelizing big projects to fit Maslow size


Are there any thoughts on auto-panelizing in GroundControl ?

To my knowledge it is a common feature on SW for smaller CNC’s.

Any workarounds ?


Do you have any examples of software that you like? I can give it a look.

A friend of mine uses Vcarve there you can.
My use would be for drawing scalemodel-race-tracks. So when my track plane is 6x2.4 m it needs to be parted into several ‘Maslow-sheets’.
Having the GC to take care of that would be great.
I’m thinking like you get an ‘overlay-grid’ of you M-work size on your whole drawing.
Then you point into the ‘tile’ you want to route and set origo/start and go.
Then you change sheet and point again to next tile and set origo/start and so on.
Probably an overoptimistic thought but still.

Br. Kim