Permanent frame calibration off

Between calibrating the machine (and running the test pattern successfully) and then attempting to cut the permanent frame, something got wonky. The first permanent frame piece I attempted to cut was shorter than it should have been.

I think it’s because I had to take the chains off them motors briefly for storage. I then put them back on without recalibrating the machine.

  1. Does that seem like the reason the permanent frame piece was the wrong shape?

  2. More broadly, if you have to take the machine apart for storage and then put it back together for use, do you have to run the entire calibration sequence each time?

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That does sound like the problem. The ‘Action/AdvancedManualChainCalibration’ is for just this situation. To use that, you need to have marked the topmost link of the chains at the end of the automatic chain calibration, before moving on. The manual approach let’s you put the chains back to that spot in “time and space”. I use it often :slight_smile:

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Okay, awesome. Thanks so much. I’ll give it a go!

At the worst, all you need to re-do is the chain calibration. I’ve done it often, for the same reason as you :smile: