Playground rules for the community garden

The community garden doesn’t have any rules right now, and that’s by choice. It’s meant to be a space by and for the community and I don’t think I should be the one making the rules.

But I do think we should have a conversation about what the rules are.

This post is what made me think of it:

On the one hand I think people should be allowed to make whatever they want out of wood as long as they aren’t breaking any laws. On the other hand I really really really don’t want to have to spend all day answering emails from reporters about this kind of thing.
Outside of this community most people aren’t going to take the time to think about the details. Affordable children’s furniture does not make nearly as exciting of a story as anything involving guns right now.

The garden is already community moderated so if you ever see a project that you don’t think should be there propose to add the words “Robot please delete this” to the file “ROBOT.MD” and the community will be able to vote on if the change should be approved. If it is approved the project will be removed.

So here’s the question:

Do we want to make any sort of rules for the community garden?


This project is about building things, not destroying them.

(you could literally do less damage to a human by putting them in the frame of a maslow and running a 1" facing operation)


Half the users are not from the us, i don’t know about the rest of the world, but over here guns are kinda frowned upon by most people. I really don’t get american’s obsession over them.


I feel that basic rules should be established. But I would say that they would limit illegal items. Be it the items nature or some form of copyright. Personally I don’t see a problem with legal gun accessories on the community garden.

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These are some of the things I was thinking about when I started Disciples of CNC. Makerbot - “the original group” - AKA Thingiverse had rules form the beginning - No Adult Content , No Weapons. They did not define what Weapons meant and got sued when the “Printable Gun” went up and they took it down.

With great power, comes great responsibility. With freedom comes complexity.

I will say there is no simple answer. I love that this is a discussion and being left to the community to decide. GO @bar!

Thank you


Might be an issue saying no weapons =) if I remember right we just gave an award out for some minecraft weapons


Would “nothing gun-related” be more realistic?

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If it’s legal, we should allow it.

banning categories of things will end up causing problems (and not block
whatever is being banned, just drive people elsewhere)

if you ban ‘weapons’, how do you define a weapon? the AR15 speedloader is not
the first weapon to be posted.

see how the Mayor of London has now declared a war on knives to see how silly
this can get.

Let’s not start down that path.


most Americans are not obsessed with Guns, but there are a good number who are.

Just like there are a good number obsessed with Cars, Cooking, CNC machines, …


This is an awesome responses and commend you for making it but, most of us on here are not directly effected by the posts made here. We are not the one getting calls from reporters. So I will support whatever decision is made. I jumped on the Maslow movement to cut out things with a CNC that interest me, not debate politics.

If I thought this project would have caused a discussion other then, “sweet, can i have the SVG for that”, i wouldn’t have posted it. If I printed out a large pot leaf I would have thought twice about posting it. Maybe I should have thought twice when posting other controversial topics.


besides which, the speedloader is not a weapon

and if you start banning everything that can be used as a weapon accessory, I’ll
start arguing that we need to ban tables, as they can be used as weapon assembly
stations, reloading stations, or gun rests.


define ‘gun related’

does a rubber-band gun count?

let’s not jump on the hysteria please


Bottom line is that a gun is designed to kill, and surely you see the difference between a table and a speedloader or between guns, cars, cooking and cnc machines. Rubber band guns are toys.


take a look at the AR15 speedloader, it’s a flat board with a curved slot in it.

I am not insisting that you build any gun related things, or even assist in
their design.

But I am questioning your right to say that I cannot work on those things.

as for “the difference between guns and cars”, I’ve seen many people from Europe
horrified that people in the US are allowed to modify their cars, “how can we
know the results are safe”. Once you start going down that path, there is no
logical ending

P.S. FAR more people are killed by cars than are killed by guns


Does the same argument hold up if i decide to design and build some dildos?


My inclination is for less rules and more making… I am guessing the vast majority of community members read these posts to learn and be inspired. Making an AR-15 loader does not interest me, so I would not read it (of course I did read it just now to see what the problem is, since I was thinking it was some kind of computer code device).

When I first signed on to the Forum, I was impressed with the forum guidelines…

and how well the community follows them… the first entry says it all:

“This is a Civilized Place for Public Discussion
Please treat this discussion forum with the same respect you would a public park. We, too, are a shared community resource — a place to share skills, knowledge and interests through ongoing conversation.
These are not hard and fast rules, merely guidelines to aid the human judgment of our community and keep this a clean and well-lighted place for civilized public discourse.”

I do not know who the Forum moderators are, other than @bar, but, so far this forum lives up to the above statement. For me, anything that is legal, OK for minors, follows the Terms of Service, and holds to the above statement is fair game on the forum. @bar is to be commended for bringing this to our attention for discussion. AR15’s are pretty controversial in the US, and wherever we might stand on gun rights or the US Constitution, this forum is not the place to air our feelings (lots of other places for this). I for one do not want @bar wasting his valuable time fielding media questions. When that happens, it would be reasonable to discontinue the discussion in the interest of the whole community.

Keep on Cutting!


No, once (if) it’s uploaded to the Garden, it’s a guide on how to build one, even with discussion on making it work better.

There is miles between suggesting what you can/cannot work on and suggesting maybe not posting it here.

I for one find posting anything to do with an AR-15, American Mass Murder Weapon of Choice, in poor taste at a minimum. At it’s worst, great, you just gave someone a guide (and cut files) on how to build a speed loader.


Did you just use the classic “no politics” cop out?

I work with high school student and I’ve heard the conversations. They’re terrified their schools might be next. Now I have to ask myself if I can use this forum as a resource for them without some 2nd amendment absolutists constantly reminding them how little value their lives have when compared to their guns.


The rule “anything legal” would need to be way more specific. There are a lot of things legal in one place, but illegal in another.

AR-15’s, for example, are legal in much of the US, but illegal in many other countries. So is this project “legal” or not?

Or what if somebody wanted to post a bong holder. Is that okay because recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, or not okay because it’s illegal in most other states/countries?

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I’m glad you posted this. It’s nice to be having these conversations now when everyone is acting in good faith versus later when someone posts a swastika or some other craziness.