"Please set $12, $13, $19, and $20"?

What should a user do if he gets this note from GC: “Please set $12, $13, $19, and $20” ?
(Report.cpp line 46 and Settings.cpp line 191)
OS: Linux
FW: 1.02
GC 1.02

A quick fix for me was to go to --> Actions --> Advanced --> Calibrate Chain Length - Manual

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it looks like you’re testing v1.02 of the firmware, yes? I had a problem with step 2 of the calibration sequence - the left motor wants to turn 240 degrees instead of 1 degree. The right motor behaves correctly. Does this happen on your setup, or is it just mine?

Never mind, the issue was caused by a loose connection on the motor end of the cable, maybe one of the encoder signals.

So it just wanted you to chuck in a few sawbucks so it should go out and buy some new cables?

For those of you who didn’t get that, it’s slang for US ten dollar bills. I thought it meant twenties, but wikipedia corrected me

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I’m ahead of the game, I had a spare :smile:!!! The issue was intermittent, but currently ‘mittant’ and being watched.

I am having the same issue you had recently, but nothing I try is working. OS: windows 10 FW:1.06 GC:1.06
I have checked my connections and power - everything seems to be ok. I do not get a response from the motors when I test them, and trying the manual chain calibration does nothing. Any thoughts? Thanks for any help you can provide.

I’m sure you checked the power is in the motor shield and not in the Arduino.
How did the firmware upload go? Any error messages?
On what port does the Arduino IDE connect to. Is that port set in GroundControl?

I figured it out - turns out I need to get rid of all previous versions of firmware before uploading the newest - wiped the eeprom and reloaded and everything is good now. Thanks for your quick reply