Poll: Diagonal Arrows in GC

One thing I’ve noticed in ground control is that the diagonal arrows issue a command to move the sled to the left/right and up/down equal to the distance in the distance to move field. For example, if there’s 2 inches entered, when you press the up-right arrow, it will move 2 inches right and 2 inches up for a total distance of ~2.83 inches instead of moving diagonally a total of 2 inches. This tripped me up early on and I’m curious if this is how it should be, or how people want it to be. So, I made a poll if anyone feels inclined to respond…

  • No, keep it like it is
  • Yes, change it
  • Can you make it a setting to determine how its done?

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I think it is not intuitive. However, I do think it is more useful.

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