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Poll: WebControl Operating Systems

Please indicate which operating system you are running webcontrol on or want to run it one (you can select multiple choices). Thanks for your participation.

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Windows 64
  • Windows 32
  • AmigaOS

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Windows32 users: Would you care to share about your setup? Would it be possible for you to upgrade to Windows64, or to install the Python stuff yourself?

Asking because Win32 is not available in the cloud build we’re trying to migrate to; we’d like to have more details in order to support you correctly.

Out of curiousity, who is running AmigaOS? Like retro amiga from the 80’s? Is that a thing?

I was disappointed not to find CP/M on the list.

I initially started with the Win32 variant. It somehow did not work as expected and I moved on to Raspi. If I should step back to Win32, then I’m fine with the manual install method. :slight_smile:

The proper question is “who isn’t?”. :slight_smile:

In a poll of 1000 users, top 6 answers on the board, name an operating system everyone is not using…


Survey says … 95%

(family feud style)

All joking aside. I searched it and was surprised to see it is still around and being used. Other than access to the retro gaming, what is the major enthusiast interest in it? I get dosbox and the ps and nintendo emulators… just didn’t realize that amiga had that much of a following.

It’s all relative… I have no real idea the size of the community, but it’s not dead by any means. People are still updating the operating system (v 3.1.4 was released last year and they are working on 3.2). New hardware is being developed for it… accelerators, memory, video cards, ethernet. People have taken old motherboards, imported their design into PCB software and manufactured replacement motherboards (Amiga’s have a bad problem with leaky batteries and capacitors). I was able to get my Amiga on the Internet last year and do some web surfing… too slow in reality even with a 68060 processor (practically as fast as you can get on an Amiga). I use mine mostly for games.

A big problem though is that there are two companies suing each other over the intellectual property, trademarks, blah-blah-blah… it’s not a good situation… each thinks they own whatever they think they own and the other side doesn’t agree. I don’t follow it closely enough to really know what’s disputed.

Thank you for the details. Raspberry Pi will probably be the “standard” platform, so it’ll be well-supported.

Windows64 users: how are you running WebControl? Are you launching it manually, or do you have a headless setup?

I run windows 64 primarily for work and home, but use RPI for webcontrol primarily. I have installed it on my windows 10 x64 mainly for testing. I find the single folder to be the preferred installation.