Project of the Week for Feb 20, 2018

This is the official thread for selecting this week’s Project of the Week (PotW).

The selected project will be highlighted in the Maslow newsletter. The user will receive a “Project of the Week” badge on the forums and a free Red Tesla Roadster (user is responsible for transportation of their prize from its current location).

I’m going to try to stick to the following schedule: Nominations close on Saturday, voting Sunday & Monday, announcement Tuesday. We’ll keep it to one PotW each week for now; hopefully someday we’ll have so many wonderful projects we’ll have to go with Projects of the Week. Of course, if we don’t get any nominations in a given week, we won’t award a PotW. If we get only one, that project automatically wins. If we get two or more, I’ll post a poll for the community to pick the winner. Projects that don’t win in a poll can be renominated on subsequent weeks. Any project can only win once, but any person can win multiple times.

What makes a PotW? It can be a project made on a Maslow CNC that shows off the Maslow’s capabilities, or demonstrates a new way of using the Maslow, or just plain looks cool. It can also be a project not made on a Maslow that makes a great contribution to the Maslow community.

Final note: like most things here on the forums, the community is what makes PotW successful. Suggestions for improving the PotW and volunteers to help run the PotW thread are welcome.

With all that said, nominations for this week’s PotW are open!


Shall I make a badge to give to the winners?

queue Treasures of the Sierra Madre quotes


I think there is!..and I think you made it, right :grinning:

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Why yes, yes I did make that!


@bar @jwolter

To catch up on badges… to whom should I award the honor? (Who has already been featured and what were their projects?)

I think we agreed that @Dag83 deserves one for the map at the very least


Other than that, we haven’t discussed any others, although there have been some really nice projects in the newsletter. I’m not going to start anything right now, because the final push in robotics is this weekend, but soon I’ll start reviewing the past newsletter projects and try to figure out how we might select historical PotWs.


Here’s a proposal: any week that we don’t get any nominations from the community, we dig into the archives (i.e. the newsletters and if @Bee doesn’t mind, MOM) and select contenders for the community to vote on.

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MOM is an extension of this community. I’m open to it’s use.

Thank you


Oh I like that idea.

I was headed out to the archives to get a list and do a mass “grant” of badges but I like this idea better.

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I’m a little behind due to data entry. I don’t see any nominations, so this week’s PotW comes from past newsletters:

  • pillageTHENburn - Linkage kits (Oct 11, 2017)
  • madgrizzle - Millenium Falcon cutout (Jan 31, 2018)
  • Jakrro/GMS10 - Fighter jet wagon cover (Nov 8, 2017)

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Our three candidates for Project of the Week, randomly selected from projects featured in the newsletter are:

@Jakrro and @GMS10’s Fighter jet wagon cover

@madgrizzle’s Millenium Falcon

@pillageTHENburn’s Linkage Kit

Please vote, and keep making great stuff!

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A quick note on past newsletter projects. I scanned through all my emails from Maslow CNC and pulled mostly from the “Projects” section of each newsletter. I might have missed an issue because a few were labelled differently in the subject line or because a qualifying project got mentioned in a different part of the newsletter. If anyone sees anything I missed, PM me. I put the list into a spreadsheet which allows me to do a quick randomization whenever I need to. Here’s my list:

Brazz04 - Wood & Epoxy Maps (Feb 14, 2018)
Addubb - Massive Ben & Jerry’s Sign (Feb 14, 2018)
Bryan_Pollock - Mule cutout (Feb 14, 2018)
Maker.Club - Party Fire Engines (Feb 14, 2018)
madgrizzle - flowers engraving (Feb 14, 2018)
Brr - P9L chair and P9S stool (Jan 31, 2018)
Bryan_Pollock - Standing desk (Jan 31, 2018)
madgrizzle - Millenium Falcon cutout (Jan 31, 2018)
Nathandarnell - “Bat Owen” sign (Jan 31, 2018)
Brr - Stand for indoor cycling (Jan 17, 2018)
Sonny_Lacey - Sailboat (Jan 17, 2018)
Meticulous Maynard - Generator Rebuild (Jan 3, 2018)
ClintLoggins - tiger engraving (Jan 3, 2018)
ClintLoggins - Körting stereo wet bar (Jan 3, 2018)
HydronCollider - deer head (Jan 3, 2018)
Onelonedork - z-axis mechanism (Jan 3, 2018)
Jcourrier - elegant sign (Jan 3, 2018)
Bryan_Pollock - cat cutout (Jan 3, 2018)
bar - wine rack (Jan 3, 2018)
Badaboom Berlin - awesome sign (Dec 20, 2017)
madgrizzle - American flag/Liberty Bell (Dec 20, 2017)
madgrizzle - Monogram jewelry Holder (Dec 20, 2017)
Onelonedork - The Dark Tower cutout (Dec 20, 2017)
Onelonedork - keyboard cart (Dec 20, 2017)
Bryce - 3D cat (Dec 20, 2017)
clintloggins - iPhone case (Dec 6, 2017)
bontexxwoodcraft - Life-size cutout figure (Dec 6, 2017)
bar - Furniture, dish drying rack (Nov 22, 2017)
Jakrro/GMS10 - Fighter jet wagon cover (Nov 8, 2017)
Clintloggins - Eddie Set, table + 3 stools (Nov 8, 2017)
Backpocket - sub-wing (Nov 8, 2017)
Backpocket - EL wire lamps (Nov 8, 2017)
pillageTHENburn - Linkage kits (Oct 11, 2017)
bar - PlyPAD (Jul 19, 2017 and elsewhere)
bar - Giant eyeglasses (Aug 2, 2017)
blsteinhauer88 - Sun and moon cutout (Jun 28, 2017)
rancher - LP Record Box (Jun 28, 2017)
Ian - Oregon wall sculpture (Jun 28, 2017)
Danielle/bar - Kayak rack (Jun 14, 2017)
Hannah - Bear cutouts (Jun 14, 2017)


Fantastic work! Thank you for doing that.


I think we can declare a winner. Congratulations to Jakrro and GMS10 for an awesome project!


Well deserved!!! What a cool collaboration :grinning:


Badges awarded.

Awesome project, @Jakrro and @GMS10!