Portable EMT/Printed/Wood/MakerPipe frame ideas

Appreciate the input from folks. Really like CPL’s hour glass and the variants people are designing/building. Also like the idea of reusing doors I have left over from remodeling at some point for a workshop based setup.

Am likely going to make bunch of time and rigidity compromises to make this thing portable and fit in the truck bed.

My goal is to show it’s possible to cut 4’ x 8’, even if that means going slow and only using upcut bits, until if/when have time to make reinforced portable frame.

Torsion box is neat idea, am thinking whether I have enough time, 2020 extrusion and hardware to throw something together that reinforces ladder ends.

Bought some cheap 10mm pins, am trying out the “Triangle Anchor” linked on The Not Shop — Maslow. Looks like several folks are using PETG-CF. I don’t have a hardened nozzle, so am seeing how bad regular PETG will end up…

What’s recommended nozzle, infill, layer height, walls, (top|bottom)-layers, etc… for Triangle Anchor? Am trying 0.6mm nozzle, 0.32mm layer height, 40% infill, 3 walls, alternative extra wall (to help bind infill), 4 top/bottom layers.

Are folks printing with support structures, or do they have really well tuned bridging configured? EDIT: Nevermind… yes people print with support enabled. I just saw alternative corner model that can print without support (Layer lines not ideal orientation though near hole for 10mm pin? ) Corner anchor 3D Printable, no supports

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