Portable EMT/Printed/Wood/MakerPipe frame ideas

Hello, curious what portable easy to setup/teardown lightweight frames people have already seen/built using EMT/Printed/Wood/MakerPipe/something(s)?

Funny thing is I could just bring a concrete drill, Maslow 4 and rigid foam boards to somewhere with reasonably flat concrete slab. Or quickrete + anchors if setting up on dirt/soil. That would be very minimal, but, assume making holes in existing slab/flooring isn’t an option, then…

Am curious what’s the minimal viable portable frame that will have Maslow 4 angled 15 degrees from vertical, but not more than 30 degrees from vertical. Like, throw into back of a truck portable, and still have plenty of room for other tools.

For me, leaning against the vehicle (when assembled) in a non marring/destructive/damaging way is ok, however, isolated self standing structure is preferred. Ideally the structure fits into a 6’ x 4’ truck bed / cargo area. So, a single piece of superstrut isn’t possible, could use multiple, but would like to keep cost down so EMT would be nice if it’s up to the task. Trying to minimizing weight and cost, so, $$$ carbon is not possible. Will only be cutting 1/4" to 3/4" plywood. Full sheet capable would be perfect, but cutting smaller than full sheet 6’ x 4’ is was better than nothing.


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You would have to modify it to get down to the space you want it to fit in, but this could easily be scaled down and have swing-out legs added to put it at an angle.