Posting to "New Project" on not working

Posting to “New Projects” gives me the following error. I tried several times, none of my uploads or zip names have spaces. What am I missing?

4 bytes written to file
Sorry, there was an error uploading your image file.uploads/mainpicture.jpg
There was an error uploading your zip file.uploads/

Link URL: /invitations 

unzip: cannot find or open /var/www/html/uploads/, /var/www/html/uploads/ or /var/www/html/uploads/ rm: cannot remove '/var/www/html/uploads/': No such file or directory Oh darn, something went wrong in the python code... 422 {u'documentation_url': u'', u'message': u'Repository creation failed.', u'errors': [{u'field': u'name', u'code': u'missing_field', u'resource': u'Repository'}, {u'field': u'name', u'message': u'name is too short (minimum is 1 character)', u'code': u'custom', u'resource': u'Repository'}]} /var/www/html/ line 12: cd: /var/www/html/uploads/tmp: No such file or directory deleting usrinput.txt