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Practicing with the Avengers font

My daughter asked me to use the Avengers font for her name …here is the final result


Very nice. What size bit did you use? Angles look great.

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Finally watched endgame last night. Too soon… still trying to keep it together lol. Letters look great though.




Could you cut “Awesome” in Avengers font?

Do you mind if I use the pictures in your post?

Good work!

Thank you

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Hi, here is the link for the bit:

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Bee & All,

The following link provides a page that allows you to upload any font and download the final SVG file format for production:

Below the font available for download:

Yes! you can use my pics. I built my hybrid frame by integrating your design with other ideas from users in the forum…This is a collaborative effort.



OMG I love you for posting this resource! I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent over the last years stencil-fying my own fonts in Illustrator for laser and CNC cutting…

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