Software question

i am wanting to be able to cut out up to 90 inch words in fonts like farmhouse has anyone does this and if so what software works best

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I would recommend making the letters in a design program like Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator, saving the letters as a .svg file, then using to generate the gcode to cut them


I think you will need to convert object (font) to path in Inkscape first. Also, you can change the page size in File/Document settings to 48 x 96 inches, just don’t send it to print it on you inkjet. :slight_smile:


@Gero talked about a font program that is in python a while ago. Maybe he can help me out here remembering the name. It works great and you can scale any windows font.

Was that f-engrave?


Yes Thank you, I have made some cool letters and address number with that program with different fonts at larger sizes.