Print Out Image and Align Maslow Cut Image Out

My Maslow should be here soon. I can print out an image on adhesive vinyl and mount it on to a piece of material. Is there any way that I could put registration marks or something like that on the print, so that GC would know where everything is and then proceed to cut it out? Sorry, I probably don’t make any sense, but I figure it’s worth a shot.


GC uses a coordinate system where normally X0/Y0 is ~ in the centre of your sheet. Left is -X, right +X, down -Y and up +Y.
You can move the sled to anywhere on the sheet and ‘define home’ (X0/Y0) there.
If you used your CAD with for example with X0/Y0 in the left bottom and all coordinates are positive, you would move the sled near the left bottom and ‘define home’ there.
GC outlines the shape of your sheet buy the size you enter in the settings, so you have a visual control if the design fits in. Hope that makes sense somehow.

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I think what you want to do is convert the image file to a vector file or dxf and then use a cam program to program the cut file or gcode which tells the computer how to direct the machine to cut out the image.

Convertio can help with that.

I then pull the dxf file into sketchup and create faces, then save it to an SVG file and then to makercam, or bring and svg file directly into makercam from convertio and program the cuts. The cut below is an example.

There are many robot kits where a robot has sensors that follows a line

however that is not how Maslow works it has no sensors to follow along

as others have pointed out above you would have to feed it the digital file. It cannot do analog optical cutting