Problem with cut rotating

I have been having problems with my maslow. D Lang and Madgrizzly have been helping me but suggested I ask on a larger audience.

I finanlly was able to get my maslow to cut square and to scale. but it now rotates the cut.

ANy ideas? Using holey firmware, webcontrol. Linux, firefox.

Where was the square cut? Center or a corner or side?

Down on the left lower side 15" southeast of center.

keep in mind that what you call rotated may just be a calibration issue where straight lines come out as parabolas…

up close, the squares look rotated and their top and bottom line segments look straight, but they are really just segments of a much larger curve.

Could you provide machine parameters before and after, and all 12 measurements?

I dont think I wrote all those down. But Ill see.

Maybe if I run a horizontal line across the board that will show this?

I am going to restart from scratch.

also a note that JB posted in a different thread, he found one chain off by two

David Lang

I think if what @dlang posted has happened (right chain skipped a link or two), then if you cut a straight line across the board, it would possibly stay straight, but would end up lower at the right side. You can test that by moving the sled to -42,0 (6 inches from left side) and make a mark where the router is, move to 0,0 and make a mark, then move to 42,0 and make another mark. If the three points form a line that slopes down from left to right, then I think that indicates a skipped link with the right chain. If you find more of a parabola, then I think it’s more a calibration error.

if it is the same 5% tilt everywhere, just raise the left side of the plywood a quarter inch or so to make it all straight.

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Sorry, hadn’t had my full cup of coffee, so ignore my post.

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