Problem with z-axis wire

We just started to build our machine. We had loads of problems yesterday and today. We didn’t know why.We made our first sled. And the problem is now clear. The z-axis wire has never worked. When we press the connections for the plug on the board side, then all of the sudden the Z-position is working again. But after a while of moving the machine. The z fails.

But now the problem is :slight_smile:

  • how do we get a new cable for the z.
  • we bought the machine a couple of months ago , but now just started to build everything. Is it still possible that we could stll get a discount on that cable ? :slight_smile:

If you have a voltmeter with flow testing (sorry for the wrong english) test the cable if all wires pass through.
If you haven’t ziptied the z-cable to something solid, that could also be a reason, as the plug alone is very fragile and you don’t want movement on the plug. I ziptied mine to the z-motor itself, but depending on your setup there might be far better solutions to avoid movement on the plug.

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If you have a problem that a simple fix (like the zip ties @Gero mentioned) won’t solve, I’ll note that @Bar and @Hannah have been really good about replacing bad/missing parts.

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I’m sorry to hear that! Good diagnosis of the issue. It’s rare to get a bad wire, but it does happen. If you shoot us an email to we’ll send you a new one free right away :grinning:


Perfect !

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See? :grin:

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