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Problems calibrating WC (webcontrol)

after the triangular calibration whene in the input of the data, after cliking on calculate and then accept results a window appearr that say the following:
Error processing action [acceptTriangularCalibrationResults]: acceptTriangularCalibrationResults() takes 1 positional argument but 3 were given

Someone know what is wrong?


Which version of webcontrol are you using?

Version v0.83

Is this the docker-based installation (i.e., from the prebuilt rpi image)?

@madgrizzle sorry but i dont know what do you mean by that im not much of a programer, i download the WebControl from the link provided by you i think in an other chat, here is the link


Thanks… seems in my rush to fix one problem, I ended up creating another. long story… just screwed up.

Basically, everything released since January all seem to have upgrade problems, even the version I released to fix upgrade problems (0.931). From what I can tell, based upon my testing, 0.932 does work. Everyone needs to move to this version anyway so I can better manage release testing.

Unfortunately, I think you have to manually download 0.932 as I couldn’t get the upgrade to work in 0.931 on the Windows 10 release.

Ok thanks, i just downloaded that versión 0.932 but still every time that i open that new verison and click help>about the text still said v.83, do i have to erase the other versions? if i do erawse the other versions do i Will have to do the calibration again?

I just erase all the other versions and aparently as you said the bug is fixed, let me make some cuts and i confirm the information, just a quick question, the file that said singledirectory is for slow computers right? and the other one is for fast ones im i correct?


Sort of. If you use single file, it has to decompress itself into a temporary directory every time it runs. This takes forever on a slow computer (like a raspberry pi). Single directory is already decompressed so starts up faster. Personally, even if I had a fast computer, I would probably still use the single directory. The advantage of the single file version is that you can readily move it to wherever you want (e.g., desktop) and just click it and run it.

I’m not sure what’s going on with the v.83. When I bring it up, mine says v0.932… maybe its a page cache issue with the browser… try holding the shift key and clicking the browser’s refresh icon.

You do not have to recalibrate just because you updated the software. The only time recalibration will be required is if you make a mechanical change to your machine (e.g., change from say a ring kit to a linkage kit, change distance between motors, etc.) or you change from running the stock firmware to running the holey calibration firmware.

Ok thanks, it looks like all is good and calibrated i Will finaly make my sled and start working, if find my self in trouble again ill let you know thaks for the suport and keep on doing the good job of making this softwares for all of us to use and make cool stuff


New issue,please help, im tring to re calibrate the WC, in the triangular calibration and every time that i try to input the values 2 messages apear, first say internal server error, and the 2nd Message: The machi ne was not able to be calibrated. Please ensure the work area dimensions are correct and try again.

by trying to solve the problema i think i made it worst, now i cant eaven make the triangular calibration, the sled dosnt move, what can i do? im having to much trouble with the WC and GC is there any other program that i can use?

Which version of webcontrol and please post screenshot of the error message.

Also, are you using commas for decimal points?

@madgrizzle im using . for the decimals, the versión of WC that im using is v0.93, andhere i let you the screen shot of:

  1. whene i go to actions>triangular calibration>cut calibration patern, wichafter clicking on is the motors try to start, but after 5 secs of noise and no movmente it sotops , here the sceen shootimage
  2. suposing that i can do thetriangular calibration and i just want to enter the values distance betwen ponint 1 and 2 and so on , tan i click on acept values and then calculate and this 2 masagees apear
    then i clik acept and this other massage apear

Im using the defoult values for the área dimensión


Is the sled near the middle of the board? Sometimes when the chains are out of whack, this can occur. But are you able to move the sled using those arrow buttons? If you can’t, then it’s not calibration issue. What happens when you run the test motors/encoders (from action menu)?

Can you post a screenshot of the meausrements?

There’s a “download diagnostics file” under action. Press it and email the file that comes out to madgrizzlemaslow at gmail dot com. There might be a setting that’s out of whack that’s causing it.

@madgrizzle yes im able to move the sled in every direction, and yes is in the middle of the plywoo, in fact i did some marks in the chains with markerin the first calibration and is in the same place

just did it, check y our email