Puede alguien ayudarme,

hola, estoy montando mi maslow, quiero montar las cadenas en la parte de arriba, como he visto en los últimos marcos que hacen la gente de la comunidad, para montar las cadenas giran por el lado opuesto del motor que si la cadenas fueran hacia abajo, ¿hay que cambiar algo a la hora de montar las cadenas para que las mida la maquina?

Very rough Google translation. I’m setting this post to wiki so someone bilingual can fix the translation.

hello, I’m riding my maslow, I want to mount the chains on the top, as I’ve seen in the last frames that the people of the community do, to mount the chains they turn on the opposite side of the engine that if the chains were down Do we have to change anything when assembling the chains so that the machine measures them?
Thank you

sorry,I´m learning english, but it´s not enough to explain my problems with technical words. so, I´ve solved that frist issue, I´ll try follow with calibration. thanks


I have another problem, when I set the Z-Axis it revolve the contrary, I touch raise and it go lower, I touch lower and it raise,
what I may do?

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where you tell ground control the pitch of the threaded rod, change it to a
negative number and the direction will reverse.

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Thank you very much, I’ll try it this evening. Would you tell me what’s the default value, i can’t see all the screem, the last line don’t see complete


The setting is called ‘Z-AxisPitch’ and the default value is 3.17. To reverse the motor use -3.17.

La configuratión es ‘Z-Axis Pitch’. El valor predeterminado es 3.17, para invertirlo uso -3.17.


thanks, I did it, and it work well, I have noticed that 3,17 isn’t the measure that i need, i’ll adjust that. thank you so much

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hi community, I think that I have a problem, i was making the calibration, suddenly motors stopped, the sound continues but the motors stopped. I have see a orange led blinking in the board. do someone know what happen? I hope that the motors will work, what do i do if doesn’t work. Thank you people

The orange LED blinking on the board makes sense to me, that LED means that the Arduino is communicating with the PC. That the motors are stopped is strange to me. The noise means that they are holding position. Were you able to resolve this? If not I would try pressing the “Stop” button which may solve the issue.

thanks Bar, by the moment it work well, today I´ve made again and the calibration is OK. I don´t know what happened yesterday, I was very worry, but I´m happy today to see that it work again. I take this like something important to my, I want to be able of make the Maslow work out. is a challenge for my. I don´t speak english, but I´m trying to learn due this proyect, thak you also for that. I´d like prove a cut with a simple file, where do I get this?
I feel well being a member of this comunity. Thank you one more time


I am glad to hear that. That is very good news.

I am trying to learn Spanish, but I am not yet good enough to be helpful. :grin:

This may be a good file to test with: Maslow Logo

ok, thank you Bar, if i’ll be able i’ll post the result, I hope it will good. with respect to the Spanish, we can help each other, don’t you think? I help you with spanish, you help me with the english, think about that. bye


excuse me, I’ve loaded the file of logo, is it already for cutting? I’ll use a board 10mm, how can I adjust the depth, and the velocity?

ahh, I forgotten it, the most important, how i move the design toward the side that i want cut, there are a way to put the design just in a dot exact of the board? thank you

That is why sharing .nc files is not the best idea, unless you have the same bit, live in the same area with the same humidity and bought the same sheet of material thickness. 18mm ply can reach 21mm in Bahrain with 80% humidity.
The .nc is set to Inch an will go down to 0.5 inch~12.7mm.
It is never to early to start to make your own .nc. Try to play with the ‘Maslow Logo.svg’ in makerkam https://partkam.com/ and set Z depth to 11mm.

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I´m afraid that the Maslow logo isn´t a svg file, I can´t open with Makercam

Click on -> ‘Source’ and then on -> ‘clone or download’ and download the .zip.
Unpack it and find the .svg in the folder -> ‘2D Drawings’


Thanks Gero, you’re always there, I finally decided make the cut without modify and stop the machine when through the board, this work well.
This is the result.
Thank you so much every people, specialy you, Gero.


Looks great! Thank you for sharing!
Does an imaginary line over the chains cross with the centre of the bit?

Edit: The perspective of the picture has tricked me. Your ring looks good.

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