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Question about Cutting circles

I assume you are fairly new to the Forum and thus may not have privileges to post images yet (your post was blank, and I assume it was meant to be an image). Please read a bunch and continue posting and liking and that restriction will go away,

I can get a sense of it from what @gero posted. Looks pretty cool.

Got it, thanks!
Weird that it doesn’t show in the Forum

the photo is not blank do a save as on the image. it is white and a lot of thin lines :slight_smile:
I didn’t know about the new web site thank you!! so if I make my gcode there it would cut correct?

yes you are correct it is blank.

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I don’t know if it will or not. Judging by the gcode and understanding why there are so many other arcs surrounding each circle, I don’t see a reason it would pause cutting the last circle cut around each island. Am I correct in thinking that it happened on each of the last circle cuts around the islands?


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There it is :slight_smile:

@3rd_Dimension_Aegina do you mind if i post 1 more picture to explain why the choice of makercam far from good for this project? I see the loss in time.

no it happens in every pass that has a circle or arc it pause in every arc or circle for one sec.

please do!

The red lines are the sled moves with the cutter in the air…

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please suggest me a g code maker for this because I have to make a lot ….

That’s a lot of circles. How big is your project? 1 meter by 30 cm?

so each circle and each arc has four pauses during the cut?

To follow on what @gero has just said, you may also want to look for a g-code optimizer. Each of those air cuts is also associated with a z-axis move (which, if you have the stock z-axis, adds a ton of time). Minimizing those z-axis moves and air moves will help immensely. I don’t know if Makercam allows you to specify both conventional and climb cuts, but that would likely also help a lot.

JSCut is another online program that imports svg files. The interface is really simplistic, so you wouldn’t be able to specify climb and conventional cutting, but the path engine may be different and more efficient.

That said, it looks like the Makecam paths will result in a very nice aesthetic effect with the resulting inevitable tool marks being concentric.

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I really need your help about optimizing the file because I am unfamiliar to this. I used a different machine from multicam and all this was resolved automatic.
the work dimension is 2 meters by 60 cm

Well, I was only off by a factor of 2 :wink:

Try this thread

and this link:

There are many out there with a quick giggle search


I loaded the file in jscut and it crashed!!!

I can imagine that. bCNC and Camotics had both a hard time but managed at the end.

I’ll have to check it at home. My work computer won’t run JSCut

and this came out from cnc-appout_file.jpg.bmp (1.7 MB)

Yeah, that’s not helpful.
As per the thread that I sent you to, Makercam does a poor job of optimizing. Using a g-code optimizer works off of the gcode file originally produced, so there is only so much they can do.

The best bet is to use a better CAM program that affords you more control of the cuts being performed. Looking at your image, you should be able to cut the whole thing without any extra z-axis moves (i.e. one for entering the material, and one for finishing the cut). Actually getting the CAM to do that would likely require it to be able to double cut some areas.

If you really have a lot of these to cut, then it might save you time in the long run to find a better CAM program. I use Autodesk inventor (which offers a free license for non-commercial work) and HSM CAM as an add-on. There are a lot of manual settings available to optimize cutting in that program, and I’ve only scratched the surface. That said, I spend a few hours one night optimizing a small project that included ramps cut into the material, and the permutations available for how to cut it seemed endless. But in the end, it left me with several choices to trade off between the surface finish and the time to cut.

If you are committed to using free software, then you will likely be at the whim of their pathing routines, which may leave much to be desired.

One thing that just popped to mind, though, is that I believe MakerCam has a “preserve cutting order” option. Selecting the islands in some sort of order may help in how the paths are created. Again, I don’t use Makercam, so that idea might be nnonsensical.

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