Question on Sled Material Choice

Has anyone considered using Phenolic covered plywood for the Sled? The phenolic covering would help the sled glide easier over the material.

Quote from the linked article.

“Since the phenolic surface is extremely smooth, it is extremely low friction, making it an ideal surface where other wood pieces would need to slide over it.”, or in this case where it needs to slide over other wood.


I’ve used that for a tablesaw extension and it works well for that. I wish I had some on hand to try it on a sled.

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MDO, medium density overlay (not to be confused with Marine Diesel Oil, which doesn’t hold screws well.

Your local lumber yard should be able to order it, Menards (only 100 miles away) has it in stock, and HD lists it but says that my “local” store (think’s it’s Chicago South Loop, only 400 miles, despite the one 100 mi south and numerous ones in WI) doesn’t keep it on hand. You might be luckier there. Kinda spendy though, 65 USD dollars for a sheet of 3/4. Wonder how well it’d Maslow?

It’s interesting stuff. I want to make some shop countertops with MDO. The snowbank thing is considering getting smaller, last week’s 5" (13cm) icing is almost half gone.

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Im thinking about using UHMW Plastic I priced a pice out at around $100.

I’m using a 1/8" piece of UHMW as a sole on a 1/2" plywood sled. My thinking is that plywood is much more rigid.