Questions about extraction systems

I’m trying to prep my workshop for installing and setting up my Maslow.

When looking at the extraction systems for the Shopbot, it seems that they tend ti use a much heavier duty cyclone system to remove the sawdust from the plywood, and the finer dust from cutting MDF This is to be expected as the Shopbot can cut up to 12 sheets of plywood at once.

I’ve been reading through the David Gingery book.on home-built extraction, and they seem like sensible designs, but he suggested that you should design a system for the expected amount of dust.

What sort of systems are people here using?

What sort of dust levels will i need to design it for?


As I do not yet have my Maslow either, I do have a dust extraction system for my other wood working tools. Search for my post on:

Dust Collection on the Cheap

It might give you some ideas. There are also a bunch of other posts about dust collection in the forums.