I submit myself to public shaming


Putting this on the forum instead of DM because someone might be as dumb as I am… :crazy_face:

So I was trying some new ESP3D-WEBUI builds and I royally screwed up the maslow 4 now. my index.html.gz is “Bad” and won’t allow me to get to the fluidnc file page to upload a new one.

Any tips for this situation? do I need to go get my M4 and connect via usb and do surgery on the file system, or please tell me there is a magic bluetooth way to do it with platformio?

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Totally fixable. Do you have a USB cable?

This will wipe the ESP32 completely and re-install everything.

If you don’t have a PC computer and want to do it within platformio the commands

pio run -e wifi_s3 -t erase

pio run -e wifi_s3 -t uploadfs

Will erase it and then upload everything again. I think that they might work over WiFi, but they also might require a USB cable.

If you want to run those commands over USB you will want to comment these two lines out in the platformio.ini file:

Thanks! I’ll try it out. I have a mac, so I’ll use the pio.

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No judgment here. You’re a hero for putting your issue out there for the next person “as dumb as [you]” (which is all of us at one time or another) to learn from.